We appreciate your help and your great work!!  We keep telling everyone who
does our website, and have a few families that will/should have one done in the
next year or so, so we will definitely send them your way.
  Sheryl Theobald -
Theobald Club Calves (website)
Looks awesome! Thank you so much... you are great to work with.
  Willie Morris -
Willie Morris Cattle (website, sale catalog, print ads)
I still smile when I see our new website. What a great way you've presented
valuable information to our public. Thanks again for a wonderful job of
serving the school district!
  Bill Maske, Superintendent -
I-35 Community School District (website)
The ads are all AMAZING! The Cats USA ad just blows us away. :) And I really
like the globe that you used. It's incredibly sharp and professional looking.
Thank you very much for all of your hard work Barb. I can't tell you how happy
we are with all of the ads!

ads designed for Select Exotics (print ads)
This is absolutely awesome!  I almost started crying when I saw it...
you have really captured Robby!!  Thanks so much.
(graduation invitation)
Recently, I worked with Barb Scott to develop a website for our businesses
Splish Splash Auto Bath, Inc. and Splish Splash Laundromat, Inc.
Barb is amazing. We believed she was an expert in her field,
so we just let her run with the project. WOW! Were we right!
We were dazzled at her creativity, speed, and great pricing!
  Amy -
Splish Splash Auto Bath & Laundromat, Inc. (website)
Love it! The photo is killer..... point of advertising is to catch people's attention,
and this does just that! Got my heart racin'...  - Willie
This is a good ad!!! You should get a pat on the back OR a
"Thata Girl" for that one !! :):):)  - Roland
  both comments refer to an ad designed for Paulsen Cattle (print ad)
I LOVE IT!!!!!   You did an awesome job. I couldn't ask for any nicer site.
Thank you so much, and I will tell everyone!  Thanks many times over.
You're great!
  Nancy -
N-Fashions (website)
I saw my programs this weekend, and I just wanted to say Thank You so much!
They look wonderful!  Exactly what I had wanted!
  Nikki -
Bride-To-Be (wedding programs)
Thanks so much again for the awesome job.
I am definitely getting more than I paid for!
  Scott - Bartonville Breeders
(sale flyer)
That is one of the best ads I've ever had! I love it!!!  Why am I not surprised??
And, I went to the NNEP conference and everyone there LOVED my cards.
  Gidget - Funky Stitches
(print ad & business cards)
Absolutely Beautiful!!!
Bless You, now if only the DNA lab in NE and FedEx (hair samples sent 10 days ago to Canada)
were as efficient as you are!  Also wanted to pass on this e-mail from the college instructor that
I was taking a class with on web design. As you can read, she loves your work...
"Luan, the website looks fantastic! That young lady did an awesome job!"
  Luan -
Cardinal Charolais (website)
I love it. Thanks again!
  Marty - M.L. Lewis Charolais
(sale flyer & catalog)
Your sister-in-law Barb made some very nice business cards for my mom's business ~ N-Fashions.
They look so professional. She needs to be promoting the quality of work that she does...
They are excellent!
  Stacy Cloe - N-Fashions
(business cards)
PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!  You have once again shown me exactly what I wanted.
  Cherie - Willow Ridge Farm
(brochures & print ad)
A big Thank You to my customers - you are why I LOVE what I do!  Barb